Veggie Clean

Wondering how to ensure your fruits and vegetables are completely clean and ready for consumption. Is rinsing them with water enough? Surely, soap is not a solution; you need something natural that can be used on the produce directly.

A product formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients, Marico’s Veggie Clean is free of chlorine, soap, alcohol and any other chemical that you would not want anywhere near your fresh produce. This unique, all-natural solution will help you get rid of all those pesky germs, bacteria, chemicals and waxes, which tend to go unnoticed on all your fruits and vegetables (barring mushrooms), rendering them squeaky clean in no time!

Simple to use, one is only required to soak and hand rub the fresh produce in a solution made of one capful of Veggie Clean and 2 litres of water followed by rinsing the soaked produce in running water 2-3 times for about 30 seconds.