Our Business Model

Creating consistent value


Financial Capital

  • Debt: `338 Crore
  • Equity: `3,023 Crore
  • Capex: `194 Crore
  • Working capital: `1,397 Crore

Manufactured Capital

  • 8 Domestic manufacturing facilities
  • 5 International manufacturing facilities
  • 25 depots and warehouses

Natural Capital

  • 202,886 m3 Water consumed
  • 340,152 GJ Energy consumed
  • 282,928 MT Raw material used
  • 36,077 MT Packaging material used

Human Capital

  • 1,631 Total number of employees in India

Social & Relationship Capital

  • `19 Crore Investment on CSR initiatives in FY20
  • 800+ value-chain partners
  • 5.1 Million Strong retail outlets network
  • 60+ On-field agronomists under ‘Parachute Kalpavriksha’ programme

Intellectual Capital

  • `31 Crore Investment in R&D
  • 73 members R&D Strength
  • 9.9% Of sales in FY20 invested in brand building



To transform in a sustainable manner, the lives of those we touch, by nurturing and empowering them to maximise their true potential


  • Consumer centric
  • Transparency and openness
  • Opportunity seeking
  • Bias for action
  • Excellence
  • Boundarylessness
  • Innovation
  • Global outlook

Strategic Pillars

  • Grow the core
  • New growth engines
  • Create shared value


  • Business and Go-to-Market Models
  • Product Innovations
  • Technology and Automation
  • Cost Management
  • Talent and Culture
  • Mainstreaming Sustainability

Capitals we depend upon

  • Financial
  • Manufactured
  • Intellectual
  • Human
  • Natural
  • Social and Relationship

Stakeholders we rely upon

  • Shareholders
  • Consumers
  • Employees
  • Value-chain Partners
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Government and Regulators


Portfolio: Beauty & Wellness

Coconut Oil

Parachute, Nihar Naturals and Oil of Malabar

Value Added Hair Oils

Nihar Naturals, Parachute Advansed and Hair & Care

Super Premium Refined Edible Oils & Foods

  • Super Premium Refined Edible Oils – Saffola
  • Foods – Saffola Oats, Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet, Coco Soul

Premium Personal Care

  • Male Grooming – Set Wet/Beardo/ Parachute Advansed
  • Premium Hair Nourishment – Livon/Hair & Care
  • Premium Skin Care – Parachute Advansed/ Kaya Youth


Financial Capital

US$ 4.7 Billion Market Capitalisation

42.4% Return On Capital Employed

34.0% Return on Equity

96% Dividend Payout in FY20

`7,315 Crore Turnover

`1,469 Crore EBITDA

20.1% Operating Margin

`1,043 Crore Profit After Tax (excl. one-offs)
(CAGR since inception: 23%)

`8.1 EPS

Manufactured Capital

1.5+ Billion packs sold every year

Natural Capital

2.4 tCO2e / unit Crore Revenue GHG emission intensity (68% reduction from base year FY13)

640 Million litres Water harvest capacity created
(3.2 times the water footprint in our operations)

79% Of total energy is from renewable energy source

95% Of the packaging material used is recyclable by weight

Human Capital

48% Leadership talent in consumer facing functions of technology and marketing are women

77% Of overall leadership roles in India are filled by home-grown talent

13% Employees with tenure > 10 years with Marico

Social & Relationship Capital

118 Million Indian households (urban+rural) reached during the year

22% Of domestic business revenue contributed by new age channels (modern trade and e-commerce)

21,043 Coconut farmers enrolled under ‘Parachute Kalpavriksha’ programme till date

1 Million+ Students reached under ‘Nihar Shanti Pathshala Funwala’ since inception

22% Critical value-chain partners certified on level 1 of responsible sourcing under SAMYUT

Intellectual Capital

15 brands owned by Marico in India


Financial Capital

Manufactured Capital

Natural Capital

Human Capital

Social & Relationship Capital

Intellectual Capital

Reporting Boundaries:
Financial Capital: Global
Other Capitals: India, unless otherwise specified