Performance Highlights FY20

Performing across the triple bottom line

Business Performance

`7,315 Crore

(US$ 1.03 Billion)

Consolidated turnover


Consolidated EBITDA growth (y-o-y)

200 bps

Y-o-Y EBITDA margin expansion


Y-o-Y Growth in consolidated Profit After Tax
(excl. one-offs)


Villages in India reached through the stocklist network

5.1 Million

Overall distribution reach in terms of number of retail outlets in India

(Source: Nielsen)

118 Million

Indian households reached during the year

(Source: IMRB)


Domestic revenue contribution from modern trade and e-commerce

(up from 17% in FY19)

`704 Crore

Economic Value Added

Dividend pay-out in FY20

Return on Capital Employed

Return on Net Worth

Environment Performance

(India operations)

640 Million litres

Water conservation capacity created (Cumulative conservation capacity stands at 1.36 Billion litres)

Packaging material used are recyclable by weight

Total energy consumed is from renewable sources

Reduction in Green House Gas (GHG) emission intensity from base year (20% reduction from previous year)

Social Performance

(India operations)

1 Million+

Students received access to quality education under ‘Nihar Shanti Pathshala Funwala’ since inception


Student beneficiaries under ‘Educate Girls’ programme


Coconut farmers enrolled under the ‘Parachute Kalpavriksha’ programme (Cumulative enrolment of 21,043 farmers)


Of members in marketing, HR and technology are women