Stakeholder Identification and Engagement

Together with our stakeholders

‘Create Shared Value’ is defined as one of our strategic pillars and is fundamental to the purpose of our existence. It is applied to ensure that business decisions balance financial, social and environmental considerations, always keeping in mind the best interests of our stakeholders. For each stakeholder group, we have identified specific propositions that help in arriving at mutual wins.

CONSUMERS Delight With our uncompromising quality, trusted brands and product innovations, we endeavour to provide a unique value proposition to our consumers. Our brands differentiate themselves across the core and aspirational market segments. We strive to bring innovation in every facet of our operations, while ensuring the availability of products at the right time and for the right price.
  • Develop sustainable relationships
  • Understand long-term and short-term needs
  • One-on-one interaction
  • Consumer satisfaction survey
  • Call centre/Consumer Cell
  • Digital platforms
SHAREHOLDERS Deliver Consistent shareholder value creation remains our topmost priority. We plan to achieve this by strengthening our core segments and achieving growth in niche markets through our innovation and entrepreneurial approach. This has led to a steady focus on maximising volumes, market share gains and cost optimisation, despite an inflationary environment and macro headwinds.
  • Become a better investee company
  • Create high shareholder value
  • Communicate performance and future growth plans
  • Understand concerns and expectations
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Investor calls
  • Press releases
  • Published results
Half-yearly, Annually (Note: Financial calendar)
VALUE-CHAIN PARTNERS Include As a responsible organisation, Marico believes that mutual and inclusive growth of our value-chain partners is necessary and sets a precedent. We strive to maintain the right balance by meeting the needs of our partners through continuous proactive engagement and timely response strategies. We play a small, yet significant, part in the growth stories of our value-chain partners
  • Sharing of mutual expectations and needs, especially with regard to quality, cost and timely delivery
  • Capability building and growth plans
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Periodic interactions (physical, telephone, mailer)
  • Annual meets/events
  • Training programmes and workshops
EMPLOYEES Empower At Marico, we offer all our members a defined talent value proposition to challenge, enrich and fulfil their aspirations, so that they can maximise their true potential to ‘make a difference’. Further, our values are based on the principles of ‘involvement builds commitment’, and thus, are co-owned by all Mariconians
  • Communicate organisational vision
  • Training and development
  • Support career growth plan
  • Workplace needs and expectations
  • Personal development programme
  • Learning and development
  • Engagement survey
  • Organisation communication
  • Digital interactions
Half-yearly, Annually
COMMUNITY Nurture Our belief of giving back to the society drives our social and community engagement initiatives. Alongside we strive to safeguard the farmers and farming interests and create a positive impact on the standards of their lives.
  • Maintain cordial relationship
  • Improve livelihood and create positive impact
  • Shared eco-system
  • One-on-one interactions
  • Field visits and trainings
  • Digital platforms
  • CSR and sustainability initiatives
GOVERNMENT & REGULATORS Adhere Marico is committed to be a leading consumer goods company that meets and exceeds compliance and regulatory mandates towards its products and processes
  • Understand compliance and applicable regulations
  • Collaborations on national agendas
  • Physical meetings
  • Industry forums
On need basis