Marico – Make a Difference

A stakeholder centric business ready for the next normal


Integrating sustainability across the value cha

Transcending beyond compliance for product quality and safety

Prioritising customer choices and aligning innovation outcomes

Prioritising business ethics, anti-competitive behaviour, critical and systemic risk management practices


Building a diverse and inclusive culture

Fostering a support and empathybased leadership culture. Leading with Trust, Ownership and Innovation.

Developing capabilities to address the next normal of business through skill building, technical trainings and accelerated learning platforms

Improving quality of life for Marico members through Member Assistance Program, flexi timings, WFH, and flexibility on leave sharing, among others


Business resilience beyond the pandemic

Core portfolio growth with market share consolidation

Customer value enhancement through cost optimisation

Digital transformation enabling overall business

FY21 value-creation highlights

Designed to deliver responsible growth

At Marico, we remain committed towards sustainable value creation through a consumer and community-centric strategy.

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Responding to COVID-19,
the Marico Way

At Marico, we responded to COVID-19 through resilient and active efforts to maintain business continuity, ensure member wellbeing, support communities and stakeholders.

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`8,048 Crore


`1,162 Crore

Recurring Net Profit After Tax


Dividend Pay-out Ratio


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>126 Million

households reached


villages in India reached through stockist network


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leadership hires in FY21 are women


of campus hires are women


member engagement score throughout the year

3000 workhours

devoted towards health & safety trainings across Marico facilities in India


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5.3 Million

number of retail outlets reached


value chain partners associated in India


critical value chain partners who have been awarded Marico’s Responsible Sourcing certification (Level 1)


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`20.4 Crore

amount spent for CSR


students impacted through digital literacy programmes


farmers cumulatively enrolled under Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation


number of beneficiaries impacted from pandemic relief efforts


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renewable energy share of India operations


reduction in GHG emissions (Scope 1&2) as compared to base year FY13

1,630,000 kg

quantity of post-consumer plastic waste collected under EPR* programme

2.15 Billion litres

cumulative volume of water capacity created in India

*Extended Producer Responsibility

Innovation - Our Driving Force

Resilient portfolio of
trusted brands

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Our fortitude and values
come to the fore

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Our commitment to responsible growth has always been the focal point of everything we do at Marico. It has been our long-standing belief that sustainable and purposeful businesses will stand the test of time and drive superior long-term performance stands more validated now than ever before.

Harsh Mariwala Chairman

Message from MD

Bouncing back with
strong growth prospects

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After a sharp drop in the first quarter, the domestic business quickly bounced back in the following quarters to exceed pre-COVID levels as more than 90% of our portfolio comprises daily-use items under the aegis of strong market leader brands. We witnessed robust growth across each of our core portfolios of Coconut Oil, Saffola Edible Oils, Value Added Hair Oils and Saffola Oats

Saugata Gupta Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Message from Chairman

Strategic Pillars and Enablers

Calibrating to a dynamic

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Consumer and Community centric, Sustainable value creation


Business and
Go-to-Market Models


Digital and


Talent and


Impact Areas:

Integrating Sustainability
& ESG Material Issues to
Create Shared Value

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Corporate Governance & Behaviour

Futureproof value-creation and acclerate excellence through ethical, transparent and agile corporate governance practices that lead with ownership, trust and integrity

Climate Change

Transitition to carbon neutral operations for all facilities and mitigate our value chain impact in line with the 1.5 degrees scenario

Water Stewardship

Become a water steward by replenshing 100% of water consumed in opeartions to ensure that sufficient quantities are available for community usage and agricultural purposes

Circular Economy

Reduce overall sustainability footprint by minimising the environmental impacts of plastics across the lifecycle, adopting a 100% recycled packaging portfolio, phasing out 100% PVC in packaging, implementing zero waste to landfill systems across all operating units

Responsible Sourcing

Integrate environmental conservation principles, ethical standards and sociallyresponsible practices throughout the value-chain by capacitating suppliers to commit sustainability goals. By adopting this goal, we intend to stimulate demand for responsible production and consumption practices

Product Responsibility

Reduce the overall environmental and social footprint of products across lifecycle, ensure 100% compliance of product quality, ingredient safety, transparent disclosure on product formulations and accelerate consumer-centric product innovation to improve nutritional value of products

Sustainable Coconut

Empower coconut farmers in India to leverage scientific techniques, advanced agriculture trainings and a range of farm-support resources that improve quality of yields as well as boost socio-economic livelihoods

Social Value Creation

To enable responsible and socially- inclusive growth for the community through a variety of educational outreach initiatives, livelihood sustenance programmes and innovation-led valuecreation campaigns

Read more about our Sustainability
Manifesto and ESG performance

Stakeholder Engagement

Together, every step
of the way

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  • Consumers
  • Investors
  • Value-Chain Partners
  • Members
  • Communities
  • Regulators



With our uncompromising quality, trusted brands and product innovations, we endeavour to provide a unique value proposition to our consumers.

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I am writing this note with immense I had so many problems with my hair. My sister told me to use parachute advanced ayurvedic coconut hair oil. In a month my hair was changed. It was visible so clearly…even the reduced hairfall. I am really grateful to you and your product.

Khadeeja Noushad



Consistent shareholder value creation remains our topmost priority. This is achieved by strengthening our core segments and achieving growth in niche markets through our innovation and entrepreneurial approach.

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We are proud to be associated with Marico as a preferred EPR partner. Through our joint efforts in 15 States and Union Territories, we have collected and channelled over 900 metric tons of multi-layered plastics (MLPs) to cement kilns, coprocessors and prevented plastic waste going to landfills and water bodies. We look forward to collectively working together in building a sustainable plastic waste ecosystem, protecting the environment and improving the social conditions of rag pickers.

Abhishek Deshpande

Value-Chain Partners

Value-Chain Partners

As a responsible organisation, Marico believes that mutual and inclusive growth of our value-chain partners is critical to the overall purpose of creating shared value. We strive to maintain the right balance by meeting the needs of our partners through continuous capacity enhancement drives, proactive engagement and timely response strategies.

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Having been associated with Marico for the past couple of decades, we have always respected the professional and synergistic approach of Marico towards its vendors. Over the past year, our business with Marico has grown multifold. The consistent, visible and deterministic policies of Marico allow us to better focus on delivering the best service and quality.

Ishant Goyal



At Marico, we offer all our members a defined talent value proposition to challenge, enrich and fulfill their aspirations, so that they can maximise their true potential to make a difference. Further, our values are based on the principles of ‘involvement builds commitment’, and thus, are co-owned by all Mariconians.

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After going through my interview process with Marico Limited I found out I was pregnant. And like most women I wondered what this would mean. Would a company hire someone they know would be going on maternity leave in 7 months. Imagine my surprise when HR calls up not only to congratulate me, but also to say take care of yourself and we will take care of you, when you join us. That call, showed me what it meant to be an employee or rather a member of Marico.

Pooja Shetty



Communities influence and inspire our existence and CAPITAL LINKAGES hence we strive to touch their lives in every possible way so as to make a difference. To safeguard our communities from the socio-economic and healthrelated disruptions caused by the pandemic, we try to maximise our efforts in helping our communities sustain and thrive in these changing times.

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I have been enrolled with Kalpavriksha for the past one year. Based on the advice from the Kalpavriksha team, I have done soil testing in my farm, sown sun hemp, and applied fertiliser based on the results. This has helped me increase the number of nuts from 10,000-12000 to 15000 nuts.

Raj Kumar



Marico is committed to be a leading consumer CAPITAL LINKAGES goods company that meets and exceeds compliance and regulatory mandates towards its products and processes.

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“FSSAI conveys its deepest gratitude towards the commitment of Marico’s leadership team and active participation of their employees for this important cause. Marico has been engaged in promoting right messaging around safe food and healthy diets through various interventions and has successfully demonstrated that it is a socially responsible business.”

Ms. Inoshi Sharma

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