Set Wet

​Set Wet, a male grooming masterbrand, has always played to win. It revels in changing norms, uncovering new ways to play and taking users on a journey never to be forgotten.

Set Wet is a brand with an agenda of making men feel great again by bringing back confidence in them. Set Wet plays a key role by standing by the man of today, showcasing the very best of him to boost his confidence and self-esteem. The brand partners him in putting up a show to gain admiration from peers and women in particular. So that the next time he looks into the mirror, he sees a playful, joyful version of himself, smiling back at him.

It champions the idea that the way to impress the modern woman lay not in being regressive and stereotypical, but in enhancing and putting on display their innate playful, sexy, charming side with a simple motto: 'It’s Not Sexy Till You Show It', or as we say ' Sada Sexy Raho.'
Parachute Advansed
Deep Conditioning Hot Oil