Our Value Creation Paradigm

Our pillars of value creation

Resources we depend upon to create value

Our ability to create value depends upon the use of six capitals:





Social & Relationship


Stakeholders we rely on and create value for

We believe that mutual and inclusive growth is necessary, and strive to maintain the right balance towards meeting stakeholder interests through continuous and proactive engagement.




Value-chain partners

Government & Regulators


Our strategic pillars

Marico remains committed towards sustainable value creation through a ‘consumer-’ and ‘community-’ centric strategy. Below are the three strategic pillars that accelerate our journey on sustainable value creation over the short-, medium- and long-terms.

Grow the core

Create shared value

New growth engines

Our strategy enablers

These enablers focused towards Marico’s transformation prepare it for the emerging new realities and changing consumer needs.

Business and
Go-to-Market models

Technology and automation

Talent and culture

Product innovation

Cost management

Mainstreaming Sustainability

Our Capitals

Capitals Description
Financial Marico aims to efficiently leverage the monetary resources at its disposal to create, enhance and distribute value to all stakeholders in the value chain. The Company invests behind talent and brand building, which enables it to consistently deliver effective customer value proposition and expand its consumer franchise.
Manufactured Manufacturing assets and infrastructural capacity is used to transform input resources into high quality products. Improving operational efficiency and productivity through lean approach is a relentless focus at Marico.
Natural Natural resources are indispensable assets to Marico. We aspire to offer safe and sustainable products, while at the same time promote environmental stewardship by adopting an approach encompassing clean and green technology, responsible consumption and circular economy.
Human The organisational culture at Marico encourages collaboration. Our talent value proposition rests on continuously challenging, enriching and fulfilling the aspirations of our members so that they maximise and realise their true potential.
Social & Relationship Marico lives by its purpose of ‘Make a Difference’, and continuously strives to make a positive impact on all its stakeholders. We remain committed towards driving inclusive agenda with our value-chain partners and well-being programmes for the community, the nation, and the world at large.
Intellectual Through Research and Development, we remain focused on developing brands and new products that are most trusted by consumers. We also focus on investing in new technologies and innovation to create safer, smarter and simpler processes.