Make A Difference

Marico Makes a Difference to Different Stakeholders


Owner. Employee.
We don't see the difference.

At Marico, we encourage our members to lead businesses instead of simply working for them. We do this by creating roles that foster early responsibility, independent decision making and eventually their growth in the business. It stems from an empowering work culture that encourages them to take complete ownership of their business and run it as if it were their own. And three pillars of progress pave the way to these roles - challenge, enrich and fulfill.

To continuously challenge, enrich and fulfill the aspirations of Mariconians so that they can maximize their true potential to 'make a difference'.


Empowering. Motivating. Transforming.
Our brands make a difference to our consumers' lives.

Whether it's giving our consumers the confidence to present their best to the world with Set Wet, empowering them to look well groomed with Parachute Advansed, or helping them lead a healthy lifestyle with Saffola, our brands make a big difference to the way our consumers look and feel.

Parachute Advansed:

Parachute Advansed has been an integral part of the Indian woman's hair beauty regime. Keeping with the times and the changing lifestyle of the Indian women, Parachute Advansed has, with the help of international and local clinical study shows and development, continued to nurture and nourish Indian hair in contemporary formats. A recent international research result shows that Parachute Advansed users have the world's best hair. These women are far ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to beautiful and healthy hair, making a difference to the way the world sees them.


We set up our innovation foundation for one simple reason.
We wanted to make a difference to people's lives.

By applying innovation as a key tool, the Marico Innovation Foundation enables social organizations to significantly scale up operations, increasing their social impact. Proving beyond doubt, that true power lies in the ability to make a difference.

Yuva Parivartan:

18,000 unemployed youth found a savior in Yuva Parivartan, an NGO that gave them vocational training - and the hope of a brighter future. The Marico Innovation Foundation, however, believed it could impact many more. Through its unique Social Acceleration Programme which deployed innovative thinking and patented processes, Marico empowered Yuva Parivartan to scale up its operations, and transform the lives of 100,000 youth in just one year - a quantum leap in its impact.


When you make a difference, even your investors notice you.

By continuously searching for growth opportunities and investing in portfolios of the future, we deliver sustainable growth for our investors. In addition, our strict adherence to high standards of corporate governance and open & transparent relations, all come together to form powerful and lasting relationships.

Youth portfolio:

We knew acquisition was the swiftest path to market leadership in the youth segment. So we acquired Set Wet, Livon and Zatak, from Reckitt Benckiser - making Marico the premier name in the hair gels and post-wash leave-on conditioner segment.To investors and shareholders, that's making a difference where it matters most.


Our associates are extensions of our business. We wouldn't deal with them any differently from our members.

By maximizing our associates' potential across the supply chain - from farmers, suppliers, packaging developers, distributors to retailers - we create win-win partnerships that increase the growth and sustainability of our businesses, yielding higher profits. Not to mention, making a big difference to our associates' lives.

Farmers :

Through farmer initiatives like our sms communication program, instant price updates, web-managed transactions, farm care centers, training in mechanized tree-climbing, and more; we improve the quality of our farmers' lives and turn out better farmers



Saffola's initiative to provide health and nutrition aspect of preventive healthcare seeks to impart accurate, credible and expert-led information. From free cholesterol checks across 90 cities in India to helping individuals find their heart's age, Saffolalife's mission is to keep India's heart healthy. Every year, the Saffolalife Study, one of the largest with a sample size of over 1.1 lakh Indians, analyses and offers a deeper understanding into the reasons behind the ailing heart health of Indians. 4 Indians die every minute due to a heart ailment; Saffolalife's endeavor is to lower this statistic.


Education is a concern that is critical to the future of India's children and the country's growth. It's a cause that unites the entire nation. While education is seen as important by the women, access to schools is limited. On top of that, inadequate staff, limited classes and poor infrastructure act as deterrents. Nihar Naturals is a facilitator that is giving India the chance to act on those sentiments and make a positive social impact. Nihar Naturals in association with CRY India has taken its first step to provide a platform to women across India to come together and to enable children's education in India. As a part of this initiative, 2% of all proceeds are contributed to the cause of children's education in partnership with CRY India and aims to make a difference to 50,000 children of India.

Set Wet:

As one of India's leading male grooming brands, Set Wet has constantly endeavoured to meet the grooming needs of the young Indian male consumers, making a difference to their lives through its range of hair styling products and deodorants.



Innovative models such as DDR enable our distributors to stock the exact quantity as per the order received from the market - maintaining near zero inventory at all times. Not to mention, a higher ROI.