Studio X

Grooming is not only about what you wear, it’s about keeping yourself stylish and very importantly choosing the right product for yourself. Grooming is about developing a daily routine that is quick, simple yet effective and impressive.

Studio X is a range of male styling, grooming premium products co-created by celebrity stylist Aalim Hakim that helps create celebrity stylized looks every day at home.


  • Studio X Perfume Spray (Edge) - infused with the woody base notes of cedarwood and topped up with a spicy mix of musk and amber. Contains rosemary as a middle note that helps to elevate your mood and leaves you with a subtle yet edgy aroma
  • Studio X Perfume Spray (Impact) - contains notes of sandalwood and citrus that helps you make the right impact.
Body Wash
  • Studio X Body Wash (Refresh) - unleashes a rush of cool aqua fragrance. Consists of menthol which gives a mad burst of cooling to your body.
  • Studio X Body Wash (Recharge) - unleashes an enlivening fresh musk fragrance. This men’s body wash helps cleansing your bodyeffectively
Face Wash
  • Studio X Face Wash (Oil Clear) - Energizing massage beads that clean pores fromwithin; helps get rid of dullness.
  • Studio X Face Wash (Brightening) - contains Claire Blanche II which is a natural skin brightening ingredient. It effectively cleanses grime and pollution-moisturizing your skin.
Styling Shampoo
  • Studio X Styling shampoo- Cooling and style, gives your hair a perfect balance of softness, smoothness and volume neededfor everyday superior styling. Provides an instant burst of aqua cooling.
  • Studio X Styling shampoo- Shine and style, gives your hair a perfect balance of softness, smoothness and volume needed for everyday superior styling. It gives a natural shine to men's hair for the everyday look
Hair Wax
  • Studio X Hair Wax- Freestyle Matte AND Clean Cut Shine - Gives your hair a natural shine and makes your hair easy to restyle. Helps you get a medium hold and you can create a range of styles.
  • Studio X Pomade (Shine & Texture)- Helps style a slick and wet look; easy to use anytime anywhere. Gives a perfect party-ready finish.
Hair & Beard Serum
  • Studio X hair and beard serum for men- Conditions hair and beard for a frizz-free and neat look. Gives smooth and manageable, easy to style hair.