About Us

Emerging business striving to make a difference.

Marico entered the ethnic hair care and healthcare market in South Africa in the year 2007-08 with the acquisition of the Consumer Division of Enaleni Pharmaceuticals Limited which has hair care brands like 'Caivil' and 'Black Chic' and the healthcare brand 'Hercules'.The acquired brands Black Chic, Caivil and Just For Kids have continued to gain market share since acquisition. In fact, Just For Kids have continued to gain a market leader in the kids hair care segment. The company acquired over-the-counter healthcare brand, Ingwe, on 2010 which had a strategic fit with Marico South Africa's portfolio and complemented the Hercules range. In a bid to boost global integration, Marico expanded its SAP platform to Marico South Africa, which helped create an integrated landscape with better data visibility. Marico further made a bolt-on acquisition with Ingwe/Medi-Pac range of healthcare products in 2010. With further expansion into Sub-Saharan Africa, the African journey of Marico is only set to grow.