About Us

Emerging business striving to make a difference.

Marico Bangladesh Limited is amongst the top 3 FMCG MNC companies and a trusted brand in beauty and wellness space in Bangladesh. The company touches the lives of 1 out of every 2 Bangladeshis with an array of brands in various categories, including hair nourishment, edible oil and male grooming, through a strong distribution network that reaches more than 790,000 outlets throughout the country.  Its flagship brand, Parachute completed its journey of 12 successful years in Bangladesh, with an ever-growing base of loyal consumers in October 2013. The brand has been amongst top 10 most trusted brands continuously since 2009 and was awarded the title of "Best Brand" by Bangladesh Brand Forum and Nielsen in 2011. Over the years, the company has strengthened its brand portfolio, most notably through the expansion of its VAHO (Value Added Hair Oil) segment. The VAHO segment now consists of several popular brands such as Parachute Beliphool LiteParachute AdvansedParachute Cooling Hair Oil and Nihar Marico Bangladesh Limited also leads the powdered hair dye market with the Hair Code brand.The company continued to diversify its portfolio with the introduction of Saffola Active (a healthy edible oil) and Set Wet Deodorants in 2013. Our journey in Bangladesh is as follow :
  • Incorporated in 1999
  • Started operations in 2000
  • Marico Bangladesh listed on Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange in 2009
  • Launched Haircode Hair Dye in 2009 and achieved a market share of over 15% in its first year 
  • Lauched Parachute Advansed Cooling Hail Oil in 2011
  • Started bottling at Mouchak, near Gazipur in 2002 and copra crushing manufacturing in Mahona, Bhavanipur in 2012
  • Launched Saffola Active Edible Oil, Livon Silky Potion, Set Wet Deodorants and Livon
  • Launched Nihar shanty Badam amla and Hair Code Keshkala in 2014