Campus Programme India

#1: Do you want complete ownership of your business right from the word go?
#4: Do you want to make a difference?
#5: Do you want to get on the fast track and write your own growth story?
#6: Do you know how to master speed & agility with execution?
#7: Do you want to work in an environment where you are trusted and empowered with key business decisions?
#2: Do you have it in you to disrupt yourself and the industry?
#3: Do you want to be innovative and carve your success journey?

  • Recruitment Process

    We scout through the choicest institutes of India to put together our talent force for the Management Trainee and Summer Trainee.

    The selection of the institutes is based on objective criteria such as quality of talent and availability in terms slotting and conversion. The students of these institutes will be selected through case study-based group discussions and personal interviews conducted on campus.

  • Our Campus Programmes

  • 01

    Management Trainee Program

    The Management Trainee (MT) Program is structured to give fresh talent that joins Marico a panoptic understanding of the business of business. Running over a period of 9 months, it is one of the most comprehensive and well-planned training programmes across the industry.

    The program kick starts with a week-long orientation, where the MTs understand how Marico functions, the values it stands for and a 2 day outbound. Following that, they embark on a journey through various levels and roles in the organization. Here, they not only learn about what different roles entail, but also get a hands-on experience of their key functions.

    For any MT, awareness of their successes and failures is of utmost value. This is why we have created a rigorous 3-layered review process that takes place every 2 months at the Guide, Region and Corporate level. Each MT is assessed by their manager, senior manager and the head of the vertical on their performance as well as their future potential.

  • 02

    Summer Trainee Programme

    The Summer Trainee (ST) Programme encourages fresh talent that joins Marico to think like entrepreneurs rather than employees. Running over a period of 2 months, it is one of the most intensive yet empowering training programmes in the industry.

    The programme kick starts with a 2-day induction session, where the Top management gives the STs a strategic overview of the organization, and sets the context for the summer projects. This is followed by a host of interesting initiatives like

    Bringing the Market to You In an uncertain market, taking decisions with certainty is an imperative. To drive this point home for its STs, Marico will bring the market to them! A
    2-day market visit will be planned, where they will get a real taste of the ground realities. Nothing could fortify their careers and test their knowledge of the business more strongly than this.
    Career Dialogues Building self-awareness of one's strengths and aspirations is crucial in making sound career decisions. Career Dialogues, a unique initiative offered only at Marico, will help the STs do just that. At the end of the program, our HR team will guide each ST through a chat to identify what they really enjoy doing. This is separate from the regular evaluation process, and is simply to empower them with the strength to chart their own career path.
    Best Functional Project and Best Summer Project Contest What better way to keep the STs' competitive spirits soaring than a good old contest? From every batch, the top 3 projects are selected from each function to compete for the 'Best Functional Project' contest that gives the ST's the chance to win prizes as exciting as iPads! All entries will be judged by our Executive Vice-President as well as the Heads of the respective functions. The winners then proceed to the next round of 'Best Summer Project' contest, where the final winner receives a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000. The entries are judged by the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer as well as Mr. Harsh Mariwala, our Chairman & Managing Director.

    Throughout the programme, we have a strong evaluation process in place, including a structured mid-stint feedback mechanism to ensure that each ST is on track. The final review includes a presentation to the Guide, the Grand Superior (Function Head) and a member of the HR team. This is based on the Marico Generic Competencies, the values and cultural elements of the organization, to assess their suitability to work as a future manager at Marico.

  • 03

    Executive Trainee Programme

    The Executive Trainee (ET) programme is designed specifically for students in the Engineering field. Running over a period of 9 months, it is an extermenly focused programme that provides tremendous skills acquisition and training for any prospective engineer.

    The programme kick starts with a 2-day long orientation, where the trainees understand how Marico functions and are introduced to the values it stands for. Following this, every ET is sent for plant induction & familiarization stints to different manufacturing facilities( CNO/ Edible/ VAHO) across the country, where each stint is structured as a business related project with clearly-defined deliverables. During this time, they are exposed to various world class processes like TPM, OSHAS, SIX SIGMA etc and problem-solving tools & techniques.

    Since Marico firmly believes that learning is maximized on the job, the program offers 3 months of on-the-job training, where each ET is assigned a particular role and a specific mentor. The mentor will network with the Plant & Corporate resources to ensure appropriate training & other support, and also help the ET settle socially. At the end of each stint, they will be reviewed both at Plant & Corporate level against their set deliverables.