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Indian Brands

Set Wet - Sada Sexy Raho

Acknowledging the change in the socio-cultural context of young men today, the brand too sought to do a makeover to continue being relevant to the target audience in today's day and age rather than follow codes set in a different time and era when the brand was launched. The brand acknowledged the emergence of a new woman and the need for young men to step up their game by taking an active effort to show what is good and great in them – Hence the coinage Sada Sexy Raho.

The hugely successful campaign catapulted a de-growing category into growth with a turnaround of 29 percentage points. In the process we also grew our share from 33.3% to 46.4% (corresponding 12 Month period).

On the back of this hugely successful repositioning, the brand has relaunched the deodorants portfolio on the same positioning. We roped in Ranveer Singh on the brand. The initial indicators are very positive with the brand share moving up from 2.1 to 3.7% within a span of two months of the launch.

Nihar - Dikho Khoobsurat, Karo Khoobsurat

Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla, one of the fastest growing hair oil brands in the country's latest campaign - 'Dikho Khoobsurat, Karo Khoobsurat' is in tandem with its long-term commitment to furthering children's education in the country. The campaign captures the essence of our brand purpose of giving you fantastic looking healthy black hair, while furthering the cause of children's education. We have stayed on this 'Look good and do good' premise for four years now and it is paying rich dividends.

Nihar #I am Capable

This year the Nihar Naturals launched a campaign in the East to address society's judgement of the capability of a woman based on how she looks. The campaign called Nihar #IamCapable had three legs first of which was a television commercial, the next leg was the release of a video, and the third leg was a PR event. Through the campaign the brand engaged with thousands of consumers who called back with their personal stories leading to a significant increase in both business and imagery parameters for the brand. The PR leg which was implemented only in the state of West Bengal earned the brand free coverage of `9.3 Crores and 430 Million impressions. Nihar Naturals is currently the largest hair oil brand in the East and has now consolidated this position on the back of the #IamCapable campaign.

Nihar #I am Capable
Saffolalife ‘Protect her Heart’

Saffolalife - Leading the cause of Women's Heart Health

Saffola's vision is to create a Heart Healthy India and it has been committed to the cause of educating and inspiring people on the importance of taking care of their heart. The Brand has led many initiatives consistently over the last decade, to drive this cause.

In 2015, Saffolalife drove the cause of 'Women's Heart Health', which is a highly unaddressed issue in India. The Brand led a campaign to educate consumers on early markers of heart health, by driving connect between one's Fitness levels and its impact on heart health. Saffolalife also devised a unique Heart Fitness Test, a consumer friendly online assessment tool that used simple fitness attributes as inputs to indicate heart risk as output, and thereby enabled easy assessment of heart health to drive the campaign objective.

The campaign saw, improved scores on the core Brand Imagery of 'Good for Heart' with scores moving from 83 to 92 and scores on 'Genuinely cares about people's heart health' also saw an increase from 80 to 87. Brand imagery scores on key parameter of 'Helps keep weight under control' improved from 75 to 82 during the same period. 46,000 Heart Fitness Tests taken so far on the Saffolalife Website.

Saffola Active - Driving Brand Relevance among the Proactively Health Conscious consumers

Saffola has been the foremost name in 'heart healthy' oils in India. The recent Brand Equity survey reported Saffola as No 1 Trusted brand in the Edible Oil category. In 2015, the Brand devised the strategy to leverage 'portfolio play' in Saffola Oils, in order to drive relevance amongst different consumer sets. We positioned 'Saffola Active' on the benefit of 'Fitness' as it is one of the early markers of one's Heart Health and drove it as the choice for 'young proactively health conscious consumers'.

A robust brand, media and distribution strategy was implemented for Saffola Active. It became the face of the Saffola Oil portfolio and successfully drove relevance amongst the health conscious consumers, through its proposition of - 'Not just less oil, but the right oil', which was substantiated through the Claim of 'Helps reduce Absorption of Fat in Food'. Saffola Active has jump-shifted the household growth for Saffola by bringing in new consumers to the brand who are looking for proactive Heart Care. With the implementation of this strategy, the Saffola oils franchise saw a growth turnaround from 3% in H1 to 13% in H2.

Saffola Masala Oats Chef's Choice Range

Saffola Masala Oats, pioneer of the flavoured oats category in India, was launched as a tasty breakfast option with the goodness of Oats. However, we realised that there was an even bigger opportunity in the evening snacks occasion and started developing flavours that consumers crave for during the evening snack occasion. With that came the launch of the two new International flavours from Saffola Masala Oats i.e. Chinese and Italian developed in collaboration with leading Indian celebrity chef Kunal Kapur. The flavours were launched as part of the new Chefs' Choice range from Saffola Masala Oats.

The launch of the new flavours was supported with a complete 360 degree campaign. The intent of the communication was to improve the taste perception of Oats so as to bring in new trials to the category. TV and Radio was used to bring out the concept of craving and highlight the fact that Chef Kunal Kapur had created the range of savoury Oats. Digital medium was used to build expertise, take up the taste codes and promote new recipes created by our panel of expert chefs and bloggers. Online food influencers were targeted and we conducted a launch event with top food bloggers. The new Chef Choice flavours now contribute around 30% to the single serve volumes of the brand within four months of launch.

Saffola Masala Oats Chef’s Choice Range

Saffola Fit Foodie

Saffola Fit Foodie aims to resolve the age old dilemma that all of us face between eating healthy and eating tasty. That is why 'Saffola Fit Foodie' was launched as a one-stop destination for healthy yet tasty recipes. Saffola Fit Foodie curates healthy recipes created by our celebrity chefs Kunal Kapur, Shipra Khanna, Saransh Goila and leading food bloggers of the country like Archana Doshi and Neha Mathur. All the recipes are healthier than the normal recipes on other recipe sites and certified so by the Fit Foodie meter, an unique meter developed by Saffola in association with and endorsed by Indian Dietetic Association. The Fit Foodie meter simplifies nutrition and health in food by converting what otherwise means looking at a complex nutritional chart into a simple yet single composite score. The higher the score of Fit Foodie meter, the healthier the recipe. Fit Foodie has many innovative features. 'Send the Recipe to WhatsApp' is a new concept which we introduced through which the consumers of the content can send the recipe they are browsing on their mobile phone along with a picture, making it even more easier to access the recipe in their kitchens while cooking.


  • More than 2 Million visits on the website since April 2015.
  • 3 minutes of average time spent on the site versus competition site having 2.4 minutes
  • 200K + Facebook fans with high interaction to the posts.
  • More than 50,000 actual shares of recipes through WhatsApp, Email & Print.

Parachute Advansed #KhulKeKheloHoli campaign

Parachute Advansed launched the #KhulKeKheloHoli. The brand leveraged the long standing association of oiling before Holi for damage free great hair and took it a step further by encouraging consumers to relive the original spirit of Holi and enjoy the festival to its fullest fervour.

Making the emotional story come alive in addition to television advertisement was a long format digital film that garnered 6.5 Million views. The campaign supported by outdoor, mobile, on ground and e-commerce activations has been one of our most talked about campaigns.

Parachute Advansed #KhulKeKheloHoli

International Brands

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Bangladesh

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion (PABL) capitalised on the existing brand equity of the mother brand, to gain entry into the right outlets before the winter season, and ensured visibility throughout season with displays and point-of-sales materials.

Differentiation with goodness of Coconut Milk was established through PR. Pop-up ads were aired in most popular TV shows, such as cooking shows and cartoons. It was also present through Press Ads in leading national dailies to create news of its entry in market and to drive awareness.

The brand ended the year with overachieved business results, both in Volume and Net Revenue.

X Men for Boss '100 Million Idea' campaign - Vietnam

Capturing the big insight of Vietnamese young men who want a fast track to success by starting their business, X-Men for Boss implemented the 'Empower the future Boss' activation in June-July 2015. The contestants had to go through 3 rounds: submit their business ideas, join the training from experts.

This activation really became the hot topic of the town among the youth and also gained good impact on business and total Boss range grew 75%.

X Men for Boss ‘100 Million Idea’

Hercules Smart School Campaign - South Africa

Marico South Africa launched the HERCULES Hygiene and First Aid Awareness Campaign in 2015. HERCULES reached out to 50 schools in 2 townships within major metropolitan areas. The primary objective was not only to create brand awareness, promoting early engagement with the brand but to also educate and empower school learners in previously disadvantaged communities on health and wellbeing. This was also a huge opportunity for Marico South Africa to give back to the community by supplying these schools with much-needed materials and supplies such as educational posters, leaflets, frisbees and water. A significant contribution to these schools was the donation and installation of a fully stocked, metal branded first aid kit, which was placed in strategic areas within the premises. Another element of the campaign was the competition where the schools could win a laptop, an essential tool today in terms of research for school projects and sourcing information from the global arena.

The campaign was a success resulting in HERCULES interacting with 32,308 learners (plus the teachers and parents) over the set period. In total thus far, Hercules has reached 1,20,000 learners (plus teachers and parents) in 160 schools across 3 provinces.