Diversity and Inclusion

At Marico, we are committed to providing an enabling environment for diversity and inclusion across the organisation.

Our value of Transparency & Openness guides our approach towards diversity by "allowing diversity of opinion by listening without bias, giving and receiving critique, with mutual trust and respect for the other". We believe our inclusive policies and programs will help us strengthen this area and attract great talent and enable success for both the member and the organisation. We strongly believe in meritocracy and equality for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.


Gender diversity

More than one-third of our talent in the consumer focussed functions of Marketing and Research & Development are women. We have also taken concerted efforts to increase the representation of women in our Sales function and have seen a 50% jump in women's representation in Sales Frontline Manager roles in the last one year.

We have special policies to encourage women in our workplace especially when they go through their life stage of starting a family. Our policies are designed to empower working mothers to integrate family and career effectively. We offer paid maternity leave beyond statutory requirements and flexible working arrangements such as flexi-time and work from home options. The women members can choose their working arrangement in discussion with their Supervisor. Our experience has been that a combination of these options enables women member to effectively manage this critical life stage.

39% 39% of our workforce
comprises non-indians


We operate in 25 countries and have on ground operations in South Africa and North Africa, Sub-Sahara Region, Middle East, Bangladesh and South East Asia. Our core value of Global Outlook encourages Mariconians to be sensitive and adaptable to cultural diversity and learn from different cultures. Today, 39% of our workforce comprises non-Indians and represents 9 nationalities. Local talent constitutes more than 50% of each country's leadership team in the geographies we have operations in.

40% 40% of our members
are millenials

Generational Diversity

Today, 40% of our members are Millennials, 52% Gen X and 8% baby boomers. We are consciously tracking the changing mix of the generational diversity within the organisation. Recently, we conducted an extensive study internally to understand the changing employee aspirations in light of the Generation Y entering the workforce. Our research has helped us understand the expectations and aspirations of this generation and how they are different from the previous generation.

We understand the importance of freedom at the workplace for the younger generation. Our roles are designed to provide empowerment. Our policies and practices are designed to provide flexibility and connectivity to provide a more conducive and efficient working environment.

Diversity and Inclusion will continue to be an integral part of Marico's growth and transformative journey and will play a key role in shaping the Marico of the future.